Appalachian Studies Association: Call for Chapter Proposals

Call Proposal

October 1, 2021

Background and purpose of the book.


1.     Background and Purpose

2.     Call for Chapters

3.     The Process

4.     The Timeline for Chapters

5.     Author Requirement for Dataset Access

This book aims to document the Hispanic, Latino/a, Latinx, and Latiné experiences in Appalachia through a variety of forms. It will bring together in one volume the best empirical-based research and creative expressions on what has become very important yet unexplored lived experienced of members of the Appalachian region. Essays, poetry, memoir, and scholarly articles are some of the forms used to tell the story of Latinx people in Appalachia.

Over the last 30 years, a notable increase in Latinx migration to the Appalachian region has occurred, as noted by U.S. Census data. The stories of these pioneers likely date back to the civil war. The current demographic shift in the United States and new global migration patterns and political philosophies have created new water cooler conversations and garner further attention for the Appalachian region. Contemporary discourses around who is Appalachian have been unearthed by books such as Hillbilly Elegy and Appalachian Reckoning.  U.S. Census data estimates that people of Latinx descent have primarily dominated migration to the region.

Call for Chapters

Given the above, we invite scholars, researchers, poets, essayists, journalists, and other writers to submit proposals for chapters in an edited volume.  The editor encourages comparative empirical studies that demonstrate differences or similarities in results across methods. The editor is also looking for the untold stories of persons lost to time, forms of expressions that reimagine a new Appalachian identity, and more. The book’s primary purpose is to make visible the presence and live experience of Appalachians of Latinx background.

A subset of illustrative possible topics include:

  • Family dynamics
  • Merging of cultures
  • Economic Development
  • Identity and geographical migration
  • Living and working
  • First generation Appalachian
  • Poetic and Artistic Aesthetics
  • Religion
  • Coal mining stories
  • Miscegenation stories

A goal of the book is to be as interdisciplinary as possible, so a wide array of other topics is within the scope of the book.

The Process

The editor invites potential authors to submit a 2-page monograph proposal to,including a summary, a short biographical note, and (if applicable) a list of similar titles.

Also, the following:

  1. Detailed description of the chapter content.
  2. Tentative outline of the chapter.
  3. Description of any dataset(s) that will provide the foundation of what is reported in the chapter.
  4. Three-five key references.

Chapters must be received by March 30, 2022.

This book is under contract with the University Press of Kentucky and its Appalachian Futures series.”

Call for Chapter Proposals – UPK Series