To provide financial support to a deserving student with a history of migrating for employment in agriculture who has successfully completed one year of college. This support, up to a possible $20,000.00, will cover expenses beyond what the youth has been able to procure in federal/state and other scholarship assistance. This scholarship is designed to assist the youth in obtaining a baccalaureate degree without being encumbered by substantial debt. The Weston T. Hyde, Oswego County Education Foundation (WTHOCEF) has agreed to administer this scholarship to offer financial assistance to migrant students who want to further their education. Funds are dispersed over multiple years, and future payments are made after verification is received that the awardee is continuing forward with their education.

• Recent history of movement for agricultural employment
• Scholastic achievement
• Financial need
• Successful completion of at least one year at an accredited post-secondary institution

Application Process
All items listed below and the completed application form (pages 2-5) must be submitted electronically or sent by mail (postmarked by July 1).
• Three letters of recommendation, at least one of which must be from a school, community or educational agency representative with a personal knowledge of the applicant’s character and commitment to obtaining a baccalaureate degree;
• A personal essay of at least 500 words telling about his/her background, career and personal goals, and indicating why he/she should receive this assistance;
• A copy of college transcript showing the most recent grades obtained;
• Financial need documentation in the form of a copy of most recent income tax return of applicant or parents, a copy of school financial aid form, or loan documentation.
• Proof of Migrant Education Eligibility in the form of a letter from your Migrant Education Program’s Director verifying your eligibility for migrant services during high school. The letter should include the most recent qualifying arrival date (QAD).

This scholarship is made available through a generous endowment from a concerned individual for the education of children of migrant farmworkers. The donor wishes to remain anonymous.


Electronic Submission: Send to jverdugo@brockport.edu

Files sent via email must follow the NYS-MEP guidelines for secure transfer of personal information.


Submission by Mail: Attn: NYS-MEP TASC, Jennifer Verdugo
39 Carrington Drive
Rochester, NY 14626

For Questions: contact Paul Gugel | 315-963-4265 | pgugel@citiboces.org