Latino Studies: Call for Papers on US Colombianx Studies

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Latino Studies is an international, peer-reviewed journal. Its principal aim is to advance interdisciplinary scholarship about the lived experience and struggles of Latinas and Latinos for equity, representation, and social justice. Sustaining the tradition of activist scholarship of the founders of Chicana and Chicano Studies and Puerto Rican Studies, we critically engage the study of the local, national, transnational, and hemispheric realities that continue to influence the Latina and Latino presence in the United States.

Latino Studies provides an intellectual forum for innovative explorations and theorization, and is committed to developing a new transnational research agenda that bridges the academic and non-academic worlds and fosters mutual learning and collaboration among all the Latino national groups. We publish scholarly research, periodic reports on curriculum developments and pedagogy, analyses of significant regional and local events, and letters from our readers on our contributors’ articles.

LS contributors are editing an interdisciplinary book on US Colombianx Studies and invite submission proposals by February 28, 2023 . . .


Ariana Ochoa Camacho (Associate Professor, University of Washington)
Johana Londoño (Associate Professor, University at Albany, SUNY)
Jennifer Harford Vargas (Associate Professor, Bryn Mawr College)
María Elena Cepeda (Professor, Williams College)

Special Call