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Bismark Alejandro



/ Aerosol Art, Ceramic Art, Conceptual Art, Graphic Design, Drawing, Fiber Art, Film/Video, Illustration, Installation /Site-specific Art, Mixed-Media, New/Digital Media, Painting, Photography, Sculpture, Urban Interventions, Street Art, Performance Art, Public Art

Art Training
Art School / Glassell School of Art, Museo Marco Contemporaneo de Monterrey, UHD, Centro Roberto Garza Sada

What impact do you want to have with your art?

I can entrance the viewer into other realms and dimensions.

Artists Statement

As an artist, one feels the civic duty to the people. Just as early graffiti spoke unspoken truths, as sacred as the ancient texts, to the primitive human cave drawings. I tend to respect art almost religiously, as early as I can remember as a child, going to the Museum was more profound and powerful than any temple.

I consider my work as a study to beauty in art and respect to past minds that have developed us as a civilization.

Artists Biography

soy la reincarnacion de Quetzalcoatl, Kukulkan , Guku Matz