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Cecilia Villanueva

1907 Sabine Street Studio 111

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/ Painting / Sculpture

Art Training
Self Taught / Antiguo Colegio de San Ildefonso, Mexico CityOCA Birmingham, UKArt Studio Olga Navarro, Mexico City Art Studio Yoanna Martell, Mexico City

Professional Organizations

Archway Gallery Sabine Street Studios City ArtWorks VAA

What impact do you want to have with your art?

I believe Artists are the voices of their communities and our work is more than just beautifying houses and public spaces. We are the manifest consciousness of what surrounds us. As an artist we must always be ready to shoot our camera and report the unexpected. To see the subtleties present in daily life, the patterns that make us human. To be able to see and report, that is what I consider my day to day job.

Artists Statement

Cecilia Villanueva says, “The ink of my father’s blueprints got into my veins and my palette. Architecture is my life  draw, I build, and I paint.

As the child of the accomplished and prolific Mexican architect Luis Villanueva, daughter Cecilia was immersed in the language and drawings of buildings and their structure. The world of architecture and in particular the blue ink of blueprints made an indelible impression on her.

Cecilia Villanueva’s oil paintings range from early archaeological sites to present ultra modern buildings, blueprints and aerial views. Her work is clean and cool, almost clinical, mostly streetscapes and geo maps unpopulated by any hot and uncontrolled natural or organic element.

There’s a strong spiritual nature to go to the past, Villanueva explains, and see what human beings were and continue to be. It’s about how we shaped the world and have changed the face of the Earth through mining, engineering and building.

Her paintings are direct studies in which Villanueva traces maps, often of prehistoric cities, superimposing her own narrative onto them.
However, the true meaning is beneath the surface. My main attraction to history and anthropology is not the object, she says, but the human behind the object.  To her, the importance lies in the individual stories left behind, both in archaic structures as well as today’s. If you live in a building, you will imprint yourself.

And it is this imprint that Villanueva seeks to capture amid the sometimes cold and calculated lines of architectural blueprints and maps. Her artwork is a way of leaving her own artifact, and her paintings hold special messages for her viewers.

These paintings are tactile, rendered in oils and mixed media composed of unexpected materials: stucco, oil mediums, and various materials. They are painted on wood cutouts, designed by her, adding shapes to the perimeter of the canvas, as if breaking down walls, pushing the envelope… literally thinking outside the box.

Artists Biography

Born and raised in Mexico City, Cecilia Villanueva is a highly creative and effective Visual Artist with more than 15 years of experience in oil painting. Eight years of experience in furniture and architectural design and a published book in 2010 “El Perro Azul” short stories Ed. Contexto.

She started painting in 1997 while living in Birmingham, United Kingdom under the direction of Mrs. Beth Johnson at the Open College of Arts. From 1999 to 2006 she studied at Olga Navarro Painting Studio in Mexico City and from 2007 to 2011 at Yoanna M. Martell Studio.

In 2008 she was chosen to study a painting course at Academia de San Carlos with Jos̩ Castro Le̱ero.
She became a full time artist in 2014.

Cecilia’s work is exhibited at Archway Gallery, 2305 Dunlavy Street, Houston Texas 77006.

Her studio is located in 1907 Sabine Street, Studio 111, 77007
She is a volunteer Art Teacher at City ArtWorks in Houston, TX.