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David Delgado


/ Drawing / Sculpture

Art Training
Art School / University of Houston, Houston Community College, Glassell School of Art

Professional Organizations


What impact do you want to have with your art?

I hope to have accessibility to the viewer be a main part of my art. Be it through medium or subject matter.

Artists Statement

My current artistic practice in figures started out as a form of refining my drafting skills, attending various open figure drawing sessions in Houston. The timed aspect of these sessions made for little going back to do corrections and therefore I started to use ballpoint pens its immediate mark making. I found a fondness to the simple and everyday tool being used to make these figures. It brought back a notion of familiarity from my everyday office work and also to a time where my father would return from his night-shifts of janitorial work and scribble little cartoon characters on scrap pieces of paper for me. These works are a reminder for me of how my interest in art-making cam to be. And hope that this familiarity to pen mark making draws some connection to the viewer.

Artists Biography

I was born in Houston, Texas. My parents, being undocumented immigrants during my childhood, instilled the notion of the American dream into my upbringing- that through hard work and in the land of opportunity one could aspire to as much as one could dream. Both my parents had at one point practiced art but never pursued it further than a pastime as it was an unrealistic means to which to live and prosper but this was not a deterrent factor for myself instead this background led me to push for more in my artistic practices. In 2014 I received my BFA in Sculpture Studio from the University of Houston. During my time in school I was also involved in starting a bronze art foundry that my family operates in the Houston area, Legacy Fine Art. Through my studies and family‰Ûªs acquired knowledge over technical aspects of artmaking I‰Ûªve been able to pursue my artistic endeavors. This intertwined nature of my art and family has instilled deep roots onto my work; making them personal narratives. My work has been exhibited in group shows throughout the US and in literary publications.