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Felipe Contreras


/ Aerosol Art / Collage / Drawing / Mixed-Media / Painting / Photography / Sculpture

Art Training
Art School / University of Houston Painting Program

Professional Organizations


What impact do you want to have with your art?

I believe that art holds the power to change hearts and minds, to connect us to a higher purpose, to help us feel the weight and beauty of the human condition.

Artists Statement

My art is a direct response to two question: ‰”What if?” and ‰”Why not?”.

Artists Biography

Born in Englewood, NJ from Colombian parents, Felipe Contreras, a first generation American, is a Veteran form the United States Marine Corps. His life travels have exposed him to all three coasts in the United States as well as South America along with the Middle East and Asia.

He brings those life experiences to his work, combining contemporary language, iconic imagery, and a touch of humor. By utilizing common symbols and juxtaposing them with iconography from the past and the present, Felipe brings forward current socioeconomic issues to the forefront.

The product that is the result of said combinations creates an open line of communication and sets the stage for the viewers to engage in civil discourse. In the end, Felipe’s goal is for the viewer to have been visually and intellectually stimulated.