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Gabriela Magana

Gabbi Magana

Gabriela Magana

2203 Baldwin st.

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/ Mixed-Media / Acrylic on Canvas / Oil

Art Training
Graduate School / BA in Painting, University of St. Thomas and currently MA in Arts Leadership, University of Houston

Professional Organizations


What impact do you want to have with your art?

To spark the curiosity for social issues and inspire empathy and change. To think of “the other” as oneself and question our own assumptions and paradigms exploring different experiences in life.

Artists Statement

My visual work has evolved hand in hand with my exploration of my place as a woman and as a Latina in this age and time.

In my visual work I have come to use mixed media as well as thick paint as an exploration of materials and storytelling. I use the physicality of my works as a symbol of reference to the subject matter, making the viewer feel closer to the work and giving clues about the story behind it.

I touch on subject related to social issues and my own experiences in life. With my work, I invite the viewer to open the communication channels within themselves and others regarding concepts like home, womanhood, empowerment and work. I don’t look for perfection in my work, because the human experience is not perfect itself.

Artists Biography

I am an American artist born in Mexico, currently based in Houston. I interlace my artistic practice with my job as a professional interpreter in the medical and legal fields at the Medical Center and Immigration Court.

My work recently was part of the group exhibit Convergencia/Convergence, at the Glassel School of Art, MFAH, 2019. Other works have been featured in Latino Art Now! in Houston. I have had my work featured in the front cover of Houston History magazine, 2018, Latinos in Houston; as well as in the back cover of Thoroughfare literary magazine, 2018. My work has been published in literary magazines such as Laurels and Midtown. Some of my works were included at the opening reception of the Smithsonian Braceros traveling exhibit at the Holocaust Museum Houston in 2018. In addition, I have participated in 2-people and group shows at the Houston Public Library, Glassell School of Art, Houston Community College, among others.