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Graciela Paz

Graciela Paz

25906 Summer Savory Ln.
Katy, TX

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/ Ceramic Art / Mixed-Media, Painting / Oil Painting

Art Training
Museum Program / MFA Graduate Student at HBU / Glassell School of Art Painting Certificate / BS Business & Administration

Professional Organizations

LAWAH (Latin American Women Artist, Houston)

What impact do you want to have with your art?

The role of an artist is to express and to communicate with his/her audience, the same applies today an maybe even on a bigger scale. Artistic expression is an important way to display or show your passion, opinions, concerns, and feelings towards the actual happenings in the world, no matter if they are political, economical, natural or from any other aspect. Local, national or international events definitely affect my art, right now I'm concentrated working on a series based in nature, specifically about bees, I like to communicate their beauty, how good they are for our world and the risk of them disappearing. I feel passionate about the way they get organized and work together for a better tomorrow.

Artists Statement

As an artist, I take my inspiration from Mother Nature; I like to create organic abstract pieces with the use of mixed media. I let my audience use their imagination while they navigate through the strokes, the texture and the blend of colors to discover the unknown. I seek a better understanding of structures, systems and micro life in nature to increase consciousness of all the unseen beauty around us. Creation, constant changes, and chaos some times are represented in my pieces, evoking depth feelings that bring joy, drama and excitement.

Even though I use different materials and processes to create my pieces, the methodology in each of my series is consistent, focusing in the different layers overlapping and giving life to my work. By expressing my feelings and my connection with nature in my paintings, my mind surfs through paths I’ve been before and through some that just exist in my dreams.

Artists Biography

I’m originally from Guatemala in Central America and I have a degree in Business Administration. Art has been following me since I was a kid, and I truly believe that you can apply your creativity everywhere. I consider myself a very creative person, but when you find yourself working for too many years in an area that doesn’t make you whole, then it is time for a change.
This is exactly why seven years ago I decided to stop working in business and started to work towards a new degree, but this time in one of my passions – Art. Most of my life I’ve been dedicating my free time to do arts and crafts, just as a hobby. When I started with art classes, I started from the very beginning, and in no time as I was progressing to more complex pieces. Every day my feeling of belonging in this new endeavor was growing exponentially. I’ve been mostly working with mixed media paintings, but I also like to work with ceramics.

It is immeasurable the joy that art has brought to my life, and how good you can communicate to people and to the world with this beautiful language called Art.