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Jimmy Castillo


/ Photography, Other, Public Art

Art Training
Graduate School / University of Houston (BFA in 2000 and MFA in 2019), High School for the Performing and Visual Arts

Artists Statement

My work examines the endurance of the powerless against the powerful. For me, photography is a very pliable medium and lends itself perfectly to the task of exploring the dynamics of power playing out around the topics of immigration, gentrification, and the politics of place. It’s fascinating to see what resources and influence are able to accomplish to their own ends, and the ways that the rest of us either succumb to authority, support the status quo, or attempt to fight back against it. The roles of the mighty and the meek can be found in every story, and they show us that power is neither static nor binary. The struggle between the two ends of the power spectrum is a surprisingly flexible space in which the roles of power blur, commingle, and intertwine. This is the space in which art can begin to observe our situation and to play with our sense of inevitability; giving us a way to imagine how those roles can be reversed.

Artists Biography

Jimmy Castillo is an artist and arts administrator in Houston, Texas.  Jimmy is a graduate of the High School for Performing and Visual Arts in Houston.  He received his BFA (2000) and MFA (2019) from the University of Houston.  His work has been exhibited nationally, and is represented in the collections at the Museum of Fine Arts Houston and the Harry Ransom Center at the University of Texas in Austin.  Jimmy’s work often uses photography to examine the endurance of the powerless against the powerful, and his current projects include a photographic series about the changes and memories of Northside, the Houston Neighborhood where he was born, and where he still lives with his family.