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Marcos Hernandez-Chavez

14304 Sellers Road, Houston, TX 77060

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/ Collage, Conceptual Art, Drawing, Fiber Art, Installation /Site-specific Art, Mixed-Media, Painting

Art Training
Art School / Bachelor of Fine Arts: University of North Texas

What impact do you want to have with your art?

My artwork has always been a path towards my own self acknowledgement, and that of my family's personal history. I love art, and line as art and its intent is interesting to me, for its formative elements but more so to get to the point of the importance of making a line and intentionally turning it into a creative function for one's self. Finding this inner joy and being able to share it and share with others how to reach the same life affirming lessons as a creative human being is what I want as an impact that my art makes.

Artists Statement

There is a curve, in my work, as I have continually built upon personal viewpoints and concepts while gradually revisiting the last hundred and twenty years of art history and Latin American Literature. The materials that I have worked on are both a rejection of art as elitist and an exploration in what can be built from constant experimentation. All of my compositions take cues from the materials, from their physicality, from their history, they’re drawn from nature and memories and intended to become spaces to inhabit and get lost in.

Using my own history, as the son of a retired construction worker, and a housekeeper who first came to the United States as farm workers in the sixties, and seeing the trauma a border causes on peoples, and histories, the direction my work has taken has been a visual exploration of the industries we ignore, and the people we ignore using the materials we don’t think about to comment on the invisible infrastructure of brown-ness in a society that swears it doesn’t see color in polite company.

Artists Biography

I am an interdisciplinary artist based in Houston, TX. I floated on a tire next to my mother and my younger sister in 1996 across the Rio Grande, two years after the signing of NAFTA and the assassination of Luis Donaldo Colosio, among other events. I lived for ten years as an illegal immigrant, after which, I was able to attend the University of North Texas as an US Resident. After returning to Houston in 2012 I have been working in various industries while also maintaining my practice. I have had solo exhibitions at the Galveston Arts Center, the Erik Jonnson Public Library in Dallas, and Hooks Epstein Gallery in Houston, TX, alongside various exhibitions across the country in spaces such as MACLA in San Jose, 500X in Dallas, the Lawndale Art Center in Houston, the Brownsville Museum of Art, and many others. I currently live and work in Houston, TX.