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Zita Giraldo

Zita Giraldo

2217 W 34 St. Unite E

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/ Conceptual Art / Drawing / Installation /Site-specific Art / Mixed-Media / Painting / Social Practice

Art Training
Self Taught / Oakland University, Rochester, MI/BA, Studio of Art (Painting), Art HistoryUniversity of Houston/Baccalaureate studentPTA/Volunteer in the Arts

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Educate, Engage, Transform

Artists Statement

Initiation of Art School in 1968 allowed me to generate works on large scale. The newly established Art building at Oakland University, presented long stretches of wall generously bathed with natural light where creativity happened.

At the time, young artists evolved their craft eimulating the current Art scene of New York Art, marked by Color Field and Hard Edge. -This invaluable experience armed me with painstaking creativity in the achieving of high quality productions of mural size paintings on wood-stretched canvases.

During the next two decades, my creativity shifted to the Art of raising a family. Away from canvas painting, I was consumed by being ever-present in the lives of Julia and Trevor Lang. -Community participation was paramount, and my Art production took a form of back drops for school plays, programs and phone directories. The Art History infused class projects were an elemental introduction to Art-making that implemented filling the gap left my the lack of an Art curriculum availability.

In 1989 I made a return to the endeavor of Painting. The content of my work was now heavenly tainted with a passion in search of personal identity and social context. -There I found the essence of a soulful Art and a penchant for the political.

The Motherhood series I produced in 2001 was testament to my decades at the home-front; the establishment of the domestic becoming political.

On this note, the quality Art here produced has reached a professional level rivaled only by the essence of what Contemporary Art is within the context of current Art History.

Artists Biography

Colombian born Zita Giraldo came to the US of A in 1967 to attend Oakland University, Rochester, MI. Upon graduating with a BA in Painting and Art History, she attendend L’Ecole des Beaux Arts in Paris, France. She returned to the United States in 1972, and in 1989 attended the University of Houston’s Studio of Art program as a baccalaurean. Zita’s native super realism is evident in a contemporary art of subjectivity and global awareness of women’s issues, health, both biological and mental, as vital components of human rights and social justification.