Carolina Amat Lauver

Carolina Lauver/ Carolina Amat

Abstract painting, memories, Acrylic, Amat, Lauver, Latino art

/Painting /Printmaking /Sculpture
Art School /Montana State University, Glassell School of ART
What impact do you want to have with your art?
I would like to make lasting impressions on people who see and appreciate my works. Nothing makes me more happy than having my work displayed in someone's home or in public space.

Since I was a young girl my dream was to become an artist like my grandfather, who has been the biggest inspiration throughout my life. The scents of his oil paintings continue to flood my memories today. After studying architecture, having a career in accounting, and being a stay-at-home mom, I began to formally study art in The Glassell School of Art in Houston, as well as in Montana State University in Billings.

The inspiration to create a piece of art has changed over time for me. Initially, my works were colorful abstract paintings of landscapes, where the mix of bright and warm colors reminded me of growing up in a hot and tropical climate. These pieces were acrylics on canvas.  Later, I created a series of works entitled  “Sailing in My Memories”, and many of these pieces were acrylics on wood boards.

The greatest challenge inherent to this work is how to have a subdued quality but also have a strong presence. The difficulty lies in defining the balance of being specific on a subject that is ambiguous while expressing the reality of memories, which are at times figments of our own imagination tattered with elements of truth.

Artists Biography

Carolina Amat is a Venezuelan artist best known for her paintings of memories from her life in Venezuela. Using acrylic paint over wood panels and canvas, she created a series of works entitled Sailing in My Memories.

To represent these memories, Carolina paints vivid realistic images that are superimposed with several layers of paint. This technique allows her to manipulate her memories that are stronger or weaker, to provide the desired impression of more, or less, vivid recollections.

She pours her spirit into each piece and often includes the color blue because it represents the spiritual connection she has of living near the Caribbean coast. In some of her work, Carolina’s architectural background is evident. Using solid shapes, lines, and geometric forms with acrylic marks and pencils, she integrates realistic urban and rural scenes with fictional elements that result in her trademark abstract style.

After years of working as a professional accountant, Carolina chose to pursue her passion in art at the Grey School of Art in Scotland, Montana State University, and continues to study Fine Arts at Glassell School of Art in Houston.