David Delgado

figure, drawing, digital, ipad, model

/Drawing /Sculpture
Art School /University of Houston, Houston Community College, Glassell School of Art
What impact do you want to have with your art?
I hope to have accessibility to the viewer be a main part of my art. Be it through medium or subject matter.

In art history the figure has served as a focal point to larger narratives of politics, religion, and mythology. From this background I grew to question the function of the model being represented in this manner and how stories can be given tangibility by placing a human figure to them. My daily work involves drawings from live model sessions to which I depict them in voids of space using ballpoint pen or digital media. These figures then hold their own focal point, placing them in a moment of a narrative.

Artists Biography

Born in 1992, David Delgado is a visual artist that represents the human figure and common objects. The artwork is created comes from an appreciation brought about by family connections to art foundries. The introduction of the figure was through these statues of décor and religion that would pass by the family’s studio. This influence leads the current depiction of the figures being in a large open space like a statue would in person. The models are derived from live figure drawing sessions, (now through zoom), these drawings hold a meditative ongoing practice of draftsmanship.