Elisabet Gonzalez

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What impact do you want to have with your art?
I want to empower and inspire our community and help people not only get to know and understand something with their minds but also to feel it and to speak their vision artistically. "Share your vision through painting, music, literature or poetry to help others and enhance the quality of life of creativity." I'm convinced that art brings the community together to be more tolerant of one another and of difference in this world. Art speaks in a language that everyone understands and has the impact to change the world. Every city that has an exciting cultural and art offering, is more successful because art is an integral part of the new economy.

I’m inspired by the beauty I see in simple things – colors, textures, patterns and forms. Certain recurring themes in my life exemplify who I am and what I want my art to represent: empowerment, expression, insight, inspiration, and passion.

Artists Biography

I was born and raised in Germany to Spanish parents. I concentrate on creating artistic expressions to the rhythm of my feelings. What has emerged are paintings, sculptures, photography, belly and life castings, as well as other handcrafted pieces using diverse media including canvas, wood, and recycled materials. Facing a blank canvas, I need to use every color in my palette to give my art all possible accents and textures to express my inner voice, invisible emotions and internal power! The more love I hold in my art, the more positive I want to reflect it. I trust the mix of my colors and my brushstrokes. Using different materials and media in ways that distill and re-present various aspects of inherent physical properties, reveals unexpected beauty in a previously unseen way. Painting and creating sculptures has been experiential and continually changing. I hope to bring about a state of reverie or trance in the viewer, much like watching a fire. Making a sculpture requires surmounting many difficult problems. As my creativity and work has matured, its manifestations have taken on ever more ethereal forms. I find it restricting to limit my creative imagination to one particular artistic style or medium. I constantly strive to try new things and broaden my horizons, while listening to my inner voice. I found that exploring the deep connections of my models energies fascinated me. Life casting captures a representation of the body in a unique way. Through the creation of one-of-a-kind sculptures, we celebrate women for their strength on so many levels. We are all unique and beautiful. We come in different sizes, shapes and colors. Our body is the shell that keeps our heart alive. In 2014, I made breast casts of 11 breast cancer survivors. Some had chosen reconstructive surgery. Others did not. The work is intentionally ornate. Crafting the pieces literally included stripping the women down. While bearing their breast, they were able to shed some of their insecurities and feel empowered. ‰

We all have scars. There is beauty in those scars. I wanted to highlight that beauty and empower these women.

For this project, the White House of the United States recognized me in 2016 for the ability to bring about positive change in the face of adversity and reflecting the fortitude of the American spirit. My art collection has been exhibited in many venues including the Museum of Louvre in Paris, Art Basel Miami and Times Square in New York.