Jose Gerardo Rosales

Gerardo Rosales

Contemporary art, Latin American art, social justice, Gender, Violence, Immigration, Post Colonialism, Discrimination

/Ceramic Art /Collage /Conceptual Art /Digital Art /Drawing /Fiber Art /Film/Video /Installation /Site-specific Art /Mixed-Media /Painting /Printmaking /Sculpture
What impact do you want to have with your art?
Through my work I try to point out acts of social injustice and shake people's consciences with a critical sense.

My art have been significantly influenced by my upbringing in my hometown of San Cristobal, Venezuela, where there was a strong tradition in the production of art and craft characterized by intricate and colorful designs. During my formal art education I became more resourceful in the use of mixed media and started producing more social-oriented works. My themes have provided a contrast using the fascination for patterns and ornaments normally seen in decorative objects of everyday life that facilitate my narrative by mixing the magical, the tragic and the fearful with the playful.

I work with a variety of media that ranges from painting, digital, printmaking, and ceramics. I use as a source of reference for my work images from objects such as wallpaper, wrapping paper, children‰Ûªs books, the imagery of cartoon drawing, toy models and pi̱atas. I like the decorative aspects of these items, the richness of patterns, and the use of flat colors and shapes, which facilitate a form of immediate communication.

Artists Biography

I am a visual artist born in Venezuela living and working in Houston, Texas since 2001.
I started producing art as a self-taught artist and subsequently attended the Armando ReverÌ_n Art School part of the National University of the Arts in Caracas, Venezuela where I gained a BA in Fine Art. After graduating I moved to London to study at Chelsea College of Arts, part of the University of the Arts London, UK gaining an MFA in Fine Art.