Monica Villarreal

xicana artist, womanism, mujerismo, say her name, migration is beautiful, cultura, black lives matter, keep families together, stigmas suck, conscious art, poster art, etc.

/Collage /Digital Art /Drawing /Film/Video /Graphic Design /Illustration /Installation /Site-specific Art /Mixed-Media /New/Digital Media /Participatory/Relational Art /Photography /Printmaking /Social Practice /Street Art /Urban Interventions
Creative Women Unite
What impact do you want to have with your art?
Give people a different perspective about committees of color and women.

I am a self-identified Xicana artist with mestizo roots that believes art can change the world. As a daughter of Mexican migrant workers I am predicated to address issues of ethnic identity, gender roles, migration, gentrification and displacement, as well as environmental justice. All of these issues affect people who have had the same experience as I, poor communities of color. My intention when creating art centered around these issues is to engage and facilitate conversation with the audience. As a multifaceted artist I use performance art, photographer, graphic design, printmaking, and a mixture of all to best interact with the audience. I am passionate about creating art that is aggressive and bold.

Artists Biography

Monica Villarreal is an interdisciplinary artist native to Houston. Her art explores ethnic identity, gender roles, migrant and environmental issues. She is a recipient of multiple awards in photography and film making, and has participated in installation and performing art productions. She has an M.A. in Digital Media Studies from the University of Houston-Clear Lake. She is the founder of Creative Women Unite, a local feminist art collaborative. Monica is also a dancer with Danza Azteca Taxcayolot, a local group that practices Mexican indigenous traditions through spirituality, and community engaging performances.