Tatiana Escallon

Artist Tatiana Escallon

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/Illustration /Painting
SCBWI Society for Childrens Books Writer and Illustrators
What impact do you want to have with your art?
I want to create new proposals that speak

Art to me is the feeling transmitted by the relation between (El Sabor y Los Contrastes) Taste and contrast, which in my work is represented by color, composition and form.

The contrast(events) that we experience through time gives taste to our lives, and my purpose is to represent it and materialize it through art.

My work is mostly Acrylic on Canvas, involving layers that shimmer in a shy manner, sometimes using the emptiness (blank canvas) as a color participating in the composition. I also play with words related to the work meaning, to accentuate my intention.

Artists Biography

Born and raised in Bogota Colombia, educated as an artist, received her B.A. in Graphic Design from the Universidad Jorge_Tadeo_Lozano in 1995, subsequent to that she attended to the fine Arts Program at the Universidad de Los Andes, both in Bogota Colombia.
In the year 2000 she moved to the United States in search of a better future and opportunities.

After a long journey in the United States and becoming a citizen, she retook her art career letting it be the meaning of her life.
She works and display her art in her studio near downtown Houston, an old house from 1940 that was abandon and she is rehabilitating to the art needs.

Tatianas work has been exhibited in numerous juried art exhibitions in Houston and Dallas, including The Lawndale Art Center, The Williams Tower Gallery; and art fairs as The Bayou City Art Festival.

Besides abstract painting (her main passion), Tatiana does illustration and is a member of the SCBWI (Society of Children’s Books Writers and Illustrators) since 2011. Her first book was published in April 2018 by Clear Fork Publishing.

Moving between abstract art and illustration is very important for her because it keeps bringing to her mind new ideas to develop, it is fascinating for her to work in two diverse art “areas” that takes different creative process but both can be influenced by each other