Viri Ramos

/Mixed-Media /Painting
What impact do you want to have with your art?
Showcase Mexico's popular culture through a modern lense.

I believe all our cultures can connect through art. Through pop art, I like to portray all the people and elements that have raised me from a girl growing up in Mexico to a now adult living in the USA.

Artists Biography

Viri Ramos was introduced to painting at an early age by her mother who was a classically trained oil painter. Growing up they would often work along side each other.

Upon graduating college, she made the move from Monterrey, Mexico to Houston, Texas. It was during her time living on her own that she discovered acrylics, which where better suited for her not so well ventilated studio apartment. She found in acrylics the best match for her laid back relaxed aesthetic and personality.

Her paintings are filled with life and fun. They are happy and playful.. at times serious, but mostly not at all. She favors rough strokes and bold colors.

When possible, she brings her son along and lets him roam through the canvas freely. She loves watching his creativity at work and having him know that what he makes is equally as important.

Images (all in acrylic on canvas):

Painting 1: El Chavo, 36″x36″
Painting 2: La Dueña de mis Quincenas, 48″x36″
Painting 3: Negrete, 48″x36″
Painting 4: La que quieras te canto, 30″x24″
Profile Image: Mas Fuertes han Querido Romperme, 30″x24″