Carmen Chami

  • daedalus-and-icarus-oil-on-canvas-52-x-58-in-2015-
  • salome-oil-on-canvas-52-x-46-in-2015-
  • carmen-chami-kronos-and-kairos-oil-on-canvas-56-x-38-in-2016-
Artist Statement:
I'm a Mexican artist living in Chicago area since 2015. I am an imaginative artist (figure painter) fortunate enough to face every day with a limitless blank canvas. My training was in art restoration and I specialized in the great Masters of the seventeenth century New Spain (Mexico) Baroque. I analyzed their technique for many years and what I was able to discover is that it is a very particular way that they applied the color on the canvas with a precise order. They only used 8 pigments in most cases and the result was an art wonderfully rich in color and light. I translated all this knowledge in my own pictorial language, with color being an invaluable resource and a powerful and dramatic expression. People inspire me with their stories permeating from their eyes. I obsess over the story and I try to express it by painting human behavior through their motivations. When I think about a work, I first write the already defined idea. I find a model and let whoever finish telling the story which in many cases is myself. In this way, the creative process becomes very intimate. In my painting the body with all its nuances is the main protagonist and I use compositions in indoor spaces. My characters are theatrical and have exaggerated postures either through their aggressiveness or passivity. Art, in my opinion, must be designed primarily to communicate, regardless of the timing or space; be empathetic and universal.
Relationship to Chicago:
Chicago for me is a great adventure, represents a place with many challenges as reborn again. My way to represent my ideas is through the color. The light here is so bright and with a lot of contrast, and has been pushing to me to be more dynamic and create a new way to talk in my work. I've been learning to be more experimental with the color and try to think more in temperature. Chicago is an inspirational place to live, I love their movement, their people are so warm and you feel very easily at home.
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Places Of Residency:
Chicago, IL
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