Antonio Ancona

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Artist Statement:
I could say I am driven by a strong sense of responsibility.That would be true. I could tell you that I have a fastidious ambition to challenge social beliefs with politically themes.This also would be true. I could confess that I turned my back on a music career with Epic EPIC Records to work on supply boats in the Gulf of Mexico and that the solitude of the ocean introduced me to the world of paint. Eventually, I abandoned water and took up residence in New Orleans.This creative mecca provided me with the inspiration and income to develop until the whirlwind of 2005. I dedicate myself to the craft of recording current events with the weapons at my disposal, paint and brush. May the work speak for itself and excuse me from such self serving errands like bios.
Relationship to Chicago:
In 2005, I was uprooted from my home in New Orleans due to hurricane Katrina. Chicago offered me refuge when many turned their backs. I met great people who opened their hearts and homes. I now consider Chicago my second home. I have painted various murals around this hard working town.
Year of Birth:
Country of Origin:
Places Of Residency:
New Orleans, LA; Los Angeles, CA; Atlanta, GA; Hawaii,HI; San Diego, CA; Mexico, D.F; Chicago, IL.
Art Form:
Painting, Drawing