This is a project is developed by the University of Houston Center for Mexican American and Latino/a Studies (CMALS). An interactive and portable digital board, Latino cARTographies, features the social and geographic landscape of visual Latino art in Houston in public and private spaces.

The Latino cARTographies project is funded by the University of Houston.


University of Houston’s Center for Mexican American and Latino/a Studies

Latino cARTographies Digital Board

Created by Dr. Pamela Anne Quiroz and Juana Guzman


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Latino cARTographies digital board may not be copied or duplicated in whole or part by any means. Latino cARTographies is not a commercial product and may not be used for any political event, fundraising event, or to promote any alternative organization, individual, or set of activities.

Most, if not all, documents, images, photographs, recordings, contained on Latino cARTographies digital board are the copyrighted property of the artist or organizations on Latino cARTographies digital board. The materials on the digital board are the result of permission given by these individuals and organizations exclusively for use on the digital board, not for commercial purposes or purposes unrelated to the digital board and its presentation of Latino art in Houston.