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2020 Call for Proposal

Latinos in the Age of COVID-19: An IUPLR COVID-19 Working Collaborative

Submission date: May 8, 2020

Since its inception in 1983, IUPLR has supported research on issues of importance to Latino communities and the broader US society. IUPLR assists in the formation of working groups through a yearly competitive process which allocates seed money in the amount of $5,000 to two or three new or already existing working groups every year.

Working groups must be sponsored by one of the IUPLR member centers and must include members affiliated with at least two IUPLR member institutions and others in or external to the consortium.  It is expected that working groups be comprise a mix of senior and junior scholars and be gender-balanced.

The ability of the IUPLR to sponsor working groups is dependent on the availability of funds and, therefore, the number of working groups operating at any one time may be limited.

Proposals are selected on the merit of research projects that address critical issues in Latino Studies.

IUPLR Working Groups 1984-2020

Guidelines and Application for IUPLR Working Group

The present guidelines are intended to provide information about the application process and the information, operation, and reporting of IUPLR funded research working groups. This application must be submitted to the IUPLR Executive Committee through the IUPLR center sponsoring director. The IUPLR Executive Committee will vote to competitively select which new groups to support each grant cycle.

I. Criteria and Operating Principles for the New IUPLR Working Groups.​

  • Each working group must be sponsored by one of the IUPLR member centers.
  • New working groups must include faculty affiliated with at least two of the IUPLR member centers and may include scholars from other institutions not affiliated with IUPLR.
  • Research must compare at least two Latino subgroups, usually across geographic regions.
  • An interdisciplinary research approach with policy implications is encouraged in all proposals.

II. Composition of Working Groups

  • Working groups should ideally count with four to six members.
  • Working groups should be comprised of senior and junior scholars and should be gender-balanced.
  • Once approved for funding, membership within the group should remain fixed.

III. Application for New IUPLR Working Groups

Submit a narrative of the proposed research, including:

  • ​​The rationale delineating the methodologies and analytical frameworks of topics to be researched–from both basic research and policy perspectives.
  • A work plan and timeline of activities for the first year.
  • Expected outcomes (report, article, book, etc.)
  • A list of participants and their CVs.
  • A preliminary budget indicating projected expenses and other sources of funding.

IV. Working Group Progress Reports

​At the end of year one, IUPLR working groups must provide final reports describing goal accomplishments and next steps.​

V. Publication Acknowledgement & Updates

​Working groups must acknowledge IUPLR support in all publications, reports, and media releases in both print and electronic format. Once a working group receives outside funding, updates of activities will allow IUPLR to maintain its records of long term accomplishments, to report to funding organizations, and to seek additional funding for new working groups and other IUPLR activities.

Download Working Groups Guidelines

IUPLR Working Groups Application Form